Welcome to Moments Matter!

Family photography workshops for mums like you who want to be able to capture the memories and moments that matter to your family.

Workshops are held with a small number of participants to make sure everyone can get the support they need and include both technical theory (helping you to understand the flashy camera you got for Christmas!) and approaches to photography that will help you to learn to anticipate the moments for yourselves!

About the workshops

I’ve always loved photography, even at a young age I was rarely without my camera. I’ve been running my own photography business for the last 10 years, specialising in family photography and my ‘day job’ is as a teacher so I know I have valuable skills and experiences to share with you.

After becoming a mother I’ve truly begun to appreciate just how much photographs matter. All the little smiles, the favourite games, blowing out birthday candles, the looks of wonder at fireworks and the muddy cheeks after jumping in puddles. Children grow at lightning speed and all of those magical moments you’ll treasure in the years to come are fleeting.

Following the death of my father – the man who taught me how to take photos – almost six years ago, the photos of him have become even more precious than ever. I understand all too well now the fact that one day photos are all we will have left to really remember our loved ones.

You can (and should!) book regular family photo sessions with a professional photographer – like me – to make sure you have high quality images of you all and products that will stand up to the test of time but what about the rest of the time?

Chances are you’re already cataloguing the life of your own little family but what the workshops offer is the chance to learn how to up your ‘documentary photography’ game. To begin to really understand how your camera works so that you can use it to take even more beautiful images of your growing little ones.

Workshops last for a couple of hours, including tea and cake, some technical theory and information about different approaches to photography. The workshop will also include some little ‘models’ so you can try out what you’ve learnt while I’m there to help you fine tune your camera’s settings. You’ll also be added to a private Facebook group where the learning can continue and where you’ll be the first to hear about future workshop events.

You might even want to host your own workshop at home! Think of hosting a Tupperware or Partylite evening but with a load of your friends, cameras and a lot of laughing! There’s no obligation to buy anything – there is obviously a fee to take part and to cover the cost of the workshop materials given out but that’s it. I won’t be trying to sell anything to you or your friends, I promise.

And if you host a workshop, your own entrance fee is waived and you’ll also receive a photography related gift for acting as host.